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Top 3D TVs by Consumer Reviewers

The technology for 3D TVs is still relatively new but if you are a home theater enthusiast and you want to experience a more immersive viewing experience and take home entertainment a notch higher, it makes for a future-proof purchase. While it is not a standard feature in every model, there are still a wide variety of choices available out there. This can make it confusing if you have to wade through countless reviews on your own to try to find out what is going to work best. At IntelliReview, we take the hard part out of shopping. Our formula looks at a large number of reviews on various websites online, while lowering the ranking of any products that have a low number of overall reviews or a large number of extremely negative reviews. By listening to the passionate reviewers, we are able to come up with a very "smart list" of the top 3D televisions for sale online. When you know you are dealing with quality products, you can concentrate on other things like how the picture quality compares with other televisions. Start shopping for your next 3D TV below and see how easy we make it to find the very best 3D television for your money.

Ranking Updated: November 2015
  1. Since the technology is relatively new, the only way to enjoy 3D-enabled televisions is to connect it to a Blu-ray player that supports 3D content from disks.
  2. Depending on the manufacturer, there may be a set of 3D goggles included with the TV set. However, some manufacturers do sell the goggles separately.
  3. While most 3D-capable TVs have active-shutter goggles, some models employ passive 3D technology and use simple 3D glasses.
  4. Finally, you can play games in full 3D, depending primarily on the game as well as the console being used.