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Top 3D TVs by Consumer Reviewers

The technology for 3D TVs is still relatively new but if you are a home theater enthusiast and you want to experience a more immersive viewing experience and take home entertainment a notch higher, it makes for a future-proof purchase. While it is not a standard feature in every model, there are still a wide variety of choices available out there. This can make it confusing if you have to wade through countless reviews on your own to try to find out what is going to work best. At IntelliReview, we take the hard part out of shopping. Our formula looks at a large number of reviews on various websites online, while lowering the ranking of any products that have a low number of overall reviews or a large number of extremely negative reviews. By listening to the passionate reviewers, we are able to come up with a very "smart list" of the top 3D televisions for sale online. When you know you are dealing with quality products, you can concentrate on other things like how the picture quality compares with other televisions. Start shopping for your next 3D TV below and see how easy we make it to find the very best 3D television for your money.

Ranking Updated: March 2014
  1. Since the technology is relatively new, the only way to enjoy 3D-enabled televisions is to connect it to a Blu-ray player that supports 3D content from disks.
  2. Depending on the manufacturer, there may be a set of 3D goggles included with the TV set. However, some manufacturers do sell the goggles separately.
  3. While most 3D-capable TVs have active-shutter goggles, some models employ passive 3D technology and use simple 3D glasses.
  4. Finally, you can play games in full 3D, depending primarily on the game as well as the console being used.
  • Vizio M-Series Razor M701D-A3R 70\

    Vizio M-Series Razor M701D-A3R 70" 3D LED Smart TV (1920x1080, 240 Hz, HDTV, 3D)

    367 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Very popular
     Price: $2199.99  See It
     Price: $2199.99  See It

    Pros: 1080p display, Edge-lit LEDs, Passive 3D Functionality with eight bundled lenses, Wired and Wireless Internet Connectivity, Smart TV features
    Cons: Glossy screen, No Internet browser in the apps suite, Flimsy remote

    Review: The Vizio M701d-A3R Smart LED HDTV positions itself to be an affordable alternative to name brand HDTVs, especially when it comes to design, price and features. The stylish 70-inch M701d HDTV has an edge-lit LED display, allowing it to have an ultra-thin profile. The bezels on this HDTV are also slimmed down, allowing the screen to stretch from edge to edge. On the other hand, the screen is relatively glossy and reflects a fair amount of light. Performance-wise, the M701d delivers the common features found in comparable high-end TV sets, with 1080p Full HD Resolution coupled with a 240Hz refresh rate and Smooth Motion for blur-free performance even when watching fast-paced scenes. The Smart Dimming function on the M701d automatically adjusts the contrast levels of the picture onscreen, improving on the high contrast levels of the TV. As the name implies, Vizio's M701d has Internet connectivity, in this case both wireless and wired. The Smart TV features of the M701d has almost all of the usual media streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video. It also has apps for social networks like Facebook, and even Internet Radio like Pandora and IHeartRadio. Curiously though, the app suite on the M701d does not have an Internet browser with it. The Smart menu on the TV could use a little improvement, both in performance and in layout. 3D functionality is available on the Vizio M701d, with Passive 3D being used as the technology. As with other 3D TVs, the M701d comes with 3D lenses in the package. Unlike other TVs however, the M701d has eight lenses supplied, so every member of your family gets one. 3D quality on this TV is surprisingly good, and since it uses passive 3D, even standard 3D glasses can be used in addition to the ones in the package. If the Vizio M701d-A3R Smart LED HDTV is an interesting product because of its positive points, the remote control for the unit stands as a significant drawback for the unit. Several users have complained that the remote works erratically or fails to work at all. Others have noted that the construction of the remote is rather flimsy and makes it prone to breaking. While getting and using a universal remote for the M701d is a good way to get around this issue, some people will see it as just another expense, one that should have been addressed by the company to begin with. If not for the remote, the Vizio M701d-A3R could have been a good release for the company.

  • LG 50LN5700 50\

    LG 50LN5700 50" LED TV (1920x1080, 120 Hz, HDTV, 3D)

    342 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Very popular
     Price: $849.99  See It
     Price: $849.00  See It

    Pros: Sharp picture, Compatible with Magic Remote, Good price
    Cons: No Amazon App, Mediocre sound quality, Remote is not backlit

    Review: up your sleeves and prepare to be dazzled with LG’s LN5700. Offering sizes that will fit any room, from small rooms to spacious entertainment rooms, the LN5700 will surely be a hit among movie buffs and couch potatoes. Users can instantly stream video or connect to content providers like YouTube and Netflix. We do admit that the remote control that comes with the LN5700 can be a pain to use on pitch dark rooms since it is not backlit but one good thing about this particular TV is that it is compatible with the popular LG Magic Remote. The Magic Remote which can be bought separately makes browsing or navigating the TV’s menu system much easier than a regular remote. The LN5700 even allows you to control your TV using your smartphone through LG’s app. However, it lacks support for Amazon’s video app which can be a slight disappointment to Amazon fans. Sound quality is a bit mediocre but with some tweaking, it can produce acceptable sound. Consider getting a sound bar or additional speakers to complement your set-up though. As opposed to the LN5400, LG throws in a dual core processor and a built-in Wi-Fi on the LN5700 thus, providing faster response and consistently strong Internet connection, perfect for video streaming. It also has generous inputs, having three HDMI inputs and three USB inputs on the side. Similar to other amazing TVs from LG, the LN5700 promises fluid movement and crisp picture with its TruMotion 120Hz technology and Full HD 1080p resolution. LED technology, apart from being earth-friendly, also delivers faithful color reproduction that makes viewing movies highly entertaining or engaging. In terms of aesthetics, LG’s LN5700 does come with the usual thin bezel and glossy black finish. The stand does not swivel or rotate but rest assured, there are no dead pixels and distorted images when viewing from different angles.

  • LG 55LA6200 55\

    Pros: 1080p HDTV with passive 3D rendering capability, Superior sound, Customizable Smart TV interface.
    Cons: Only comes with standard remote

    Review: With its solid combination of flawless image quality and next-generation smart TV functionality, the LG 55LA6200 HDTV is one of the most promising offerings from LG to make an impact on the market. This 55-inch flat panel display packs serious visual power that makes a virtual cinema out of your home viewing experience. The LG 55LA6200, like most modern HDTVs, delivers crystal-clear images at True 1080p. Powered by the proprietary Triple XD Engine along with a dual-core image processor, the 55LA6200 has a 120Hz refresh rate means that even fast-moving images in sports events and video games remain free of lag and shakiness, while still appearing as natural as possible. However, like other LED TVs, the 55LA6200 does suffer a loss in contrast value when viewed from angles rather than straight-on. 3D rendering is also supported by the LG 55LA6200, both from over-the-air broadcasts as well as from other devices such as Blu-ray players and game consoles. In addition, it can also upscale 2D content to 3D. Unlike other 3D-capable HDTVs, this model uses passive 3D rendering technology; that is, instead of active shutter goggles, you need to use polarized lenses to view 3d on this TV set. Speaking of which, the 55LA6200 comes with four pairs of lenses so you can start watching right away. One thing that the LG 55LA6200 excels in over the competition is its sound quality. By using slightly bigger and more powerful speakers, the sound quality on this HDTV is noticeably louder and fuller than that of others even without the help of external speakers. The LG 55LA6200 is a Smart TV through and through with its selection of apps for different purposes such as social networking, streaming media, news and other information. The app interface is grouped into categories called interest cards, and is customizable to suit your taste. Connectivity-wise, the 55LA6200 has the standard wired and wireless standards in place; however, it also adds NFC technology to the mix, allowing you to share media with other NFC-enabled devices easily and quickly. Based on its superior feature set, the LG 55LA6200 HDTV is a prime choice for a high-definition TV set. The only nitpick we could find was that instead of the LG Magic Remote, this unit only comes with a standard remote that is a little difficult to use with the Smart TV functions. Fortunately, your smartphone can easily double as a remote with a separate app download. All in all, the 55LA6200 is highly recommended when considering your next purchase.

  • LG 50LA6200 50\

    LG 50LA6200 50" LED TV (1920x1080, 120 Hz, HDTV, 3D)

    183 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Least popular
     Price: $949.00  See It
     Price: $979.00  See It
  • Samsung UN65ES6500 65” LED TV (1920x1080, 240 Hz, HDTV, 3D)

    Samsung UN65ES6500 65” LED TV (1920x1080, 240 Hz, HDTV, 3D)

    174 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Very passionate
    Popularity : Mildly popular
     Price: $1899.99  See It

    Pros: 1080p 3D HDTV with 2D conversion feature, Fast motion rendering and screen refresh rate, Samsung Apps Suite provides more content
    Cons: Color is hard to modify manually since it uses presets, Backlighting issues, Wired Internet more compatible with apps than wireless

    Review: Samsung introduces another player into the 3D HDTV scene with the Samsung UN65ES6500 LED TV. The ES6500 is the largest, and therefore, the flagship model of that particular product line. Its super-wide screen makes it the perfect candidate for the centerpiece of your living room or TV room, either standing on its feet or mounted onto a wall with a VESA-compatible wall mount. Although the physical size of the TV is quite large, both in terms of weight (a little over 52 pounds) and screen size, the ES6500 doesn’t appear bulky or imposing at the very least; rather, the slim bezel around the screen gives it a slim, sleek look. The 65-inch Samsung ES6500 has all of the spectacular visual performance that we’ve come to expect from the Korean tech corporation’s HDTVs. The full 1080p resolution of the ES6500 is complemented by a high screen refresh rate and precise picture and color control. For fast-paced images, the ES6500 has enhanced motion rendering for additional detail in every frame. As part of the Smart TV revolution, the Samsung ES6500 uses of either a wired or wireless Internet connection in order to deliver more content through the Samsung Apps suite. Choose from streaming media, social networking, a dedicated web browser and even special-interest apps to fit every entertainment taste. In addition to these, the ES6500 also has dedicated apps for Fitness, Kids, and Family, catering to every taste. Easily the best thing about the Samsung ES6500 series is its support for 3D content. This model, in particular, comes with two active-shutter 3D glasses that take full advantage of the 1080p Full HD display, making 3D content as astoundingly lifelike as possible. What’s more, you may use the glasses together with the ES6500’s native 2D-to-3D conversion feature, turning ordinary movies into dazzling ones. For all its positive points, the Samsung UN65ES6500 LED TV does have its own drawbacks. As an example, the color settings on this model are relatively hard to modify individually, making it difficult if you want to fine-tune the picture quality manually. Some users have also noted that the Samsung ES6500 has issues with how it handles its backlighting, with noticeable light bleed being apparent from the sides. A few users have also commented that the apps suite on this model works much better when connected directly via cable instead of using Wi-Fi.

  • Samsung 6400 Series UN55F6400AF 55\

    Samsung 6400 Series UN55F6400AF 55" LED Smart TV (1920x1080, 120 Hz, HDTV, 3D)

    173 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Very passionate
    Popularity : Moderately popular
     Price: $1297.99  See It
     Price: $1349.00  See It

    Pros: Full HD Smart TV with apps suite and 3D rendering, Dual-core processor, Touchpad-enabled remote
    Cons: Average-sounding speakers

    Review: Samsung has been known for rapidly releasing products that cover all the bases, from entry-level to high-end, based on incremental updates to functionality. That's why it's hardly surprising that after the introduction of the F6300 HDTVs, the Samsung F6400 series HDTVs are now hitting the market. To begin with, the F6400 HDTVs, which come in 40-, 46-, 50-, 55-, 60-, 65-, and 75-inch variants, are very nearly identical to the F6300 series in terms of design and basic functionality. Both model lines have 1080p resolution screens, supported by 120Hz refresh rates and the Clear Motion Rate technology that produces a better-looking image when displaying fast-moving images. The 6400s have a slight advantage over the previous model in this area though since it has LED micro dimming enabled, which provides a higher level of precision in the way that the individual LEDs lighting up the screen will glow. In terms of size, the F6400s are a fraction smaller than the F6300s, but retain the razor-thin profile, minimal bezel and stylish quad stand of the latter. The addition of 3D rendering capability is one area that the Samsung F6400s differ from the F6300s. These TVs use passive 3D rendering, so instead of active shutter goggles, two pairs of polarized 3D lenses are included in the package. The Samsung F6400s are Smart TVs, with Wi-Fi and Wired Ethernet connectivity possible. As such, it uses the SmartHub user interface to quickly move between content sources like over-the-air or cable, media streaming, web browsing, or social networking. This is where the touchpad-equipped remote that ships with the unit shines; it makes it much easier to navigate the SmartHub UI and access the different apps included with it, something that an ordinary remote would struggle to do. Another great thing about the Samsung F6400s is that they offer full support for DLNA, or AllShare, as the company brands it. This means that media stored across different devices – even on mobile devices like phones and tablets - can be streamed directly and played back using the TV just as long as they are all sharing a network connection. Like most modern TVs, the Samsung F6400 HDTVs simply do not have the space in the chassis to take on bigger speakers. As a result, they have the standard 10 watt speakers that are woefully underpowered when it comes to delivering quality sound output. Using external audio solutions like a sound bar or home theater setup with the F6400s is thankfully easy, given the amount of HDMI connections at the back of the unit. All in all though, the Samsung F6400s are a very good buy when testing out the waters of 3D.

  • Sony BRAVIA KDL-60R550A 60\

    Sony BRAVIA KDL-60R550A 60" 3D LED TV (1920x1080, 120 Hz, HDTV, 3D)

    161 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Very passionate
    Popularity : Most popular
     Price: $1339.00  See It
     Price: $1375.99  See It

    Pros: Full HDTV with 3D rendering, Matte finish of screen cuts down on reflected light, Complete Smart TV functionality
    Cons: Menus not that intuitive, Apps prevent settings from being changed when in use

    Review: The Sony Bravia KDL-60R550A LED HDTV, quite simply, is an awesome choice for the centerpiece of your living room or TV room. This LED panel TV Set delivers a hefty slate of impressive features, all of which are worth the astoundingly low price of purchase. If you've ever dreamed about putting up your own home theater system, this Bravia release should fit all your entertainment needs to a T. To start with, the edge-lit LEDs making up the screens of the R550A allow the TVs to be not only space-saving with an ultra slim profile, but energy-efficient as well. A combination of 1080p HD video output at 120Hz refresh rate, delivering life-like images for action movies, sporting events, or games with fast-paced visuals. The backlighting on this unit creates remarkable contrast levels that are a ways above those of other units in its class-although not on the level of Plasma TV sets, of course. The semi-matte finish of the screen repels light, making the R550A a lot more viewable in bright surroundings, and its unique stand sets the R550As apart from other TV sets. The Sony 60R550A HDTV has the usual picture enhancements that come with being a digital television, special mention of which being the Motionflow XR 200 that increases the refresh rate to an astounding 200Hz, adding even more life to images. The 60R550A HDTVs use passive 3D instead of the usual active shutter technology. This may seem like a shortcoming, considering that passive 3D has an effect on image quality, but in the case of this TV, the quality of the 3D rendering is relatively impressive. As a bonus, polarized 3D glasses (the ones used in Passive 3D displays) are much more affordable that active-shutter goggles, allowing you to buy more pairs for family members. Polarized 3D glasses are also lightweight and do not cause headaches as much as active shutter goggles. A range of connectivity options come with the Sony KDL 60R550A HDTV, starting with Wi-Fi and Wired Ethernet for its Smart TV functionality. Four HDMI ports and two USB ports provide even more flexibility with regards to connecting other devices to this HDTV. Speaking of the Smart TV functionality, the 60R550A is complete with Internet video streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Instant Video. Of course, social networking apps are also included in the apps suite. With its great set of features, it's surprising that the Sony Bravia KDL-60R550A LED HDTV is still considered as an entry-level HDTV model, although one that gives serious value for money. Still, we noticed that the colors on this set needed a little tweaking to get right. However, that in itself isn’t that big of an issue, and can be done by anyone. What could use some improving, however, are the menus for the different settings in the TV, as they are not that intuitive. Also, using any of the apps in the apps suite locks the settings, preventing them from being modified.

  • Samsung 7100 Series UN65F7100AF 65\

    Samsung 7100 Series UN65F7100AF 65" LED Smart TV (1920x1080, 240 Hz, HDTV, 3D)

    145 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Very passionate
    Popularity : Very popular
     Price: $1887.00  See It
     Price: $2197.99  See It
     Price: $2297.99  See It
  • Samsung 7100 Series UN46F7100AF 46\

    Samsung 7100 Series UN46F7100AF 46" LED Smart TV (1920x1080, 240 Hz, HDTV, 3D)

    142 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Very passionate
    Popularity : Most popular
     Price: $1297.99  See It
     Price: $1295.99  See It
  • Samsung 7100 Series UN55F7100AF 55\

    Samsung 7100 Series UN55F7100AF 55" LED Smart TV (1920x1080, 240 Hz, HDTV, 3D)

    142 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Very passionate
    Popularity : Most popular
     Price: $1497.99  See It
     Price: $1497.99  See It