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Top Bagless Vacuums by Consumer Reviewers

From handheld to upright to canister to stick, bagless vacuums are the way most people are going these days. This type of vacuum saves you both time and money due to the fact that it doesn't require frequent replacement of disposable vacuum bags. Instead, a canister is integrated into the unit and they utilize washable filters. Some even have HEPA air filters for cleaner air. Unfortunately, there are a dizzying number of features, brands and styles available for sale online which can make it difficult and time consuming to find the very best. Here at IntelliReview, we make it easy to find the top bagless vacuums. We do this by evaluating numerous positive and negative reviews and using them to only show you the items that people across the social web are highly recommending. Leveraging the power of the people in this way, we are able to weed out any mediocre products as well as those that cause people a lot of problems. The results make it easy for you to choose something that is going to be perfect for your home. Start your search for the best bagless vacuum below and know you are only dealing with high quality products that are good deals.

  1. The greatest convenience offered by bagless vacuums is that instead of having a bag that may need to be replaced periodically, they have a receptacle that holds the dirt. Some models use filters to prevent dust from building up inside the motor though, and they may need to be replaced or cleaned regularly.
  2. Bagless vacuums equipped with HEPA filters are recommended if you have family members with allergies.
  3. Bagless stick vacuum models also tend to be a little smaller and lighter, making it easier to move around the house.
  4. Pick models with dust receptacles that can be easily taken out, as well as those that have indicator lights to remind you when the receptacle is full.
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