Top Computer Headsets by Consumer Reviewers

Whether you are into computer gaming or you just enjoy listening to music and watching movies in your computer, having a great-sounding headset is important. A wide selection of headsets is available in the market today. In general, wireless headsets with built-in mic are the most popular but there are also corded ones with in-line controls. Whatever it is you're looking for, you should start with IntelliReview. We search the web high and low for positive and negative reviews on different brands and types of headsets. We then use these reviews to calculate the ranking of each product and show you what computer headsets can be considered a great buy. If you need to purchase one for your computer, trust IntelliReview to give you the definitive list of the top models. By using consumer passion, we make it easy for you to browse lists of items that were put together intelligently, saving you time and money. Whatever type of computer headset you need, we have only the best quality at fair prices. Start browsing below for the highly recommended headsets around.

  1. While computer headsets using a pair of stereo jacks to connect to the computer are still available and very much in use, next-generation headsets with USB connections may offer better sound quality. There are also models that have a USB adapter with a built-in audio processor supplied with the unit.
  2. For ultimate flexibility, you may also look at wireless headsets that link up to the computer using Bluetooth or RF technology. Such headphones may need batteries to work, though.
  3. If you are a gamer, you may want to consider models that have 360-degree sound for the total game experience.
  4. Noise-cancelling microphones are recommended if you need to use your headset to do VoIP.
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