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Corded phones are more reliable, especially in cases of power outages. On the contrary, if you own a big house or office, it can be inconvenient to be tied down on a desk or to run downstairs when you're in the middle of doing something. During these times, a cordless phone is required. But before buying a new cordless phone, there are several questions you need to ask yourself. Do you want or need an answering machine? What about caller ID and call waiting? From features that help the sight and hearing impaired to extra features like voicemail and Caller ID, there are many things you should consider before you make a purchase. Here at IntelliReview, we collect and evaluate countless reviews all over the web. The product ranking is then determined by the number of positive and negative reviews given to each product. This makes it possible for you to quickly glance at only the best of the best cordless phones available for sale. With our proprietary formula, we are able to save you time and money. When you can cut through the clutter and look at only the top cordless phones out there, you can make sure you get great quality as well as a good price. This is the IntelliReview difference.

Ranking Updated: June 2014
  1. DECT 6.0 technology in cordless sets provides clear voice quality without interference from your wireless network or your neighbor's wireless network.
  2. A cordless phone system with multiple units will allow you to answer calls anywhere in your home or office.
  3. Most cordless phones require batteries to operate, so pick models that have back-up power features or those that support rechargeable batteries to minimize charging or battery replacement.
  4. Some cordless sets feature a programmable caller ID, letting you know the name and number of the person on the other line.


    954 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Least popular
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  • Plantronics CT14 Grey Cordless Headset Phone (DECT 6.0)

    Plantronics CT14 Grey Cordless Headset Phone (DECT 6.0)

    563 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Moderately popular
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    Pros: Hands free, two headset options, great range
    Cons: No handset option, expensive

    Review: The Plantronics CT14 Cordless Headset Phone is made for convenience with its hands free operation. The handset that the headset plugs into comes with a clip so the handset can easily be clipped onto a pants pocket for mobility and convenience. The handset is used mainly for dialing. The headset is smartly designed for long periods of use. It can be worn either over the ear or over the head using the headband. You can even change between the two during a long call. The microphone on the headset uses noise canceling to block any background noise. You can talk for hours on this phone with a talk time battery life of ten hours. On standby, the battery will keep working for eight days. The phone uses DECT 6.0 Technology for a wireless range of up to 300 feet. It operates on a frequency of 1.9GHz that makes sure it will not interfere with any other wireless devices in your home. The phone uses standard features, including call waiting, caller ID, and an answering machine. It also uses a few extra features such as any key answering, intercom, and three way conference calling. The phone does tend to be expensive though.

  • AT&T VTLS6425-3 DECT Cordless Phone (Cordless - 1 x Phone Line - Speakerphone - Answering Machine - Caller ID)

    Pros: Three-unit cordless phone set, supports push-to-talk, backlit keypad, with audible Caller ID/ Call Waiting feature, Base unit has answering machine function
    Cons: Weak audio quality, doesn't transmit ambient sounds when in call, Only headsets from VTech work instead of being universal

    Review: With three handsets inside the package plus room for expansion for up to 12 cordless handsets and 2 cordless headsets, the VTech LS6425-3 Cordless Phone allows you to place phones in every corner of your home. The LS6425-3 runs the three handsets with one being the base and the other two as the satellites. The phone supports push-to-talk technology between all of the handsets, allowing them to work like handheld radios aside from the telephone function. The DECT 6.0 frequency in use on the LS6425-3 keeps it free from interference from other devices, as well as from casual eavesdropping with its end-to-end encryption system. The VTech LS6425-3 phone system comes with a set of nice features that round out the overall user experience. To start with, the handsets have a bright blue backlight for the keypad and LCD screen. The keypad is laid out like a conventional cell phone, so there shouldn't be any problems getting used to it. The phones can store up to 50 numbers in memory, and with the help of the Caller ID/Call Waiting feature (if you subscribe to such a service with your phone service provider), you'll know who's on the line even before you pick the phone up. The phones even have an audible caller ID feature that reads out the name of the caller. Lastly, the handsets for the LS6425-3 have speakerphones, allowing for hands-free operation. Aside from functioning as the cradles and chargers for the handsets, the docks of the LS6425-3 have their share of added features too; the base unit in particular has a built-in answering machine with digital recording that provides up to 14 minutes of messages. On the other hand, the VTech LS6425-3 Cordless Phone system could use some improvements in a few areas. For example, the sound quality on the phone, while marketed as HD Audio, still does seem a bit thin as reported by a few users. They also found that the LS6425-3 doesn't transmit ambient sounds when in call, which may lead people to thinking that the other party has been cut off unless they start talking again. Finally, the LS6425-3 is mentioned as being headset-compatible, but only with a proprietary accessory from VTech instead of being universally compatible.

  • VTech DS6151 DECT 6.0 2-Line Expandable Cordless Phone with Answering System, Silver/Black with 1 Handset (Cordless - 2 x Phone Line - Speakerphone - Answering Machine - Caller ID - Yes - Backlight)

    Pros: Easy set-up, Great range and sound, Excellent battery life, Clear and large display, Two line operation
    Cons: No belt clip, No headset jack on the base

    Review: The VTech DS6151 boasts a two line operation, allowing you to dial and receive calls using the same phone but different phone lines. Your calls are encrypted for protection and the DECT 6.0 digital technology improves the sound quality and range for clearer conversations.Its range is rated for up to 500 feet and the phone itself does not cause interference with your wireless devices. The only complaints are the absence of a belt clip and a headphone jack on the base. Additional handsets have headphone jacks, though. It even has a handset locator that gives you a break from searching the whole house for the missing handset. Adding to its wide array of features are a last 10 number redial and the ability to answer incoming calls just by pressing any key. You can connect up to 12 handsets through a single phone jack and the elderly as well as those who have hearing problems would be happy to know that it is Hearing Aid Compatible. The digital answering system can record a maximum of 14 minutes and you don't need to go to the base to check your mails as each handset has its own mailbox. The recorded messages also has time and date stamp. The blue backlit display remains clear and visible even from a distance and the voicemail waiting indicator lets you know when you have new messages. You can even transfer calls and make intercom calls between handsets. The DS6151 has selectable ring tones which are a nice bonus and turning the ringer off is also possible. A volume control for the handset and ringer are likewise present. Lastly, VTech's DS6151 supports caller ID and caller waiting and has a phonebook which can hold up to 50 names and numbers.

  • AT&T CL84102 Silver/Black Cordless Phone (DECT 6.0, Answering Machine, Caller ID)
  • V-Tech VTCS6429-3 DECT Cordless Phone (Cordless - 1 x Phone Line - Answering Machine - Caller ID)
  • AT&T ATTCL82301 DECT 1.90 GHz Cordless Phone (Cordless - 1 x Phone Line - Answering Machine - Caller ID)
  • VTech CareLine SN6197 DECT 6.0 Standard Phone (Corded - 1 x Handset - Speakerphone - Answering Machine - Caller ID - Yes - Backlight)
  • AT&T CL83201 DECT Cordless Phone - Silver, Black (Cordless - 1 x Phone Line - 2 x Handset - Speakerphone - Answering Machine - Caller ID - Backlight)
  • VTech CS6519-16 Cordless Phone with Caller ID/Call Waiting

    VTech CS6519-16 Cordless Phone with Caller ID/Call Waiting

    70 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Very passionate
    Popularity : Mildly popular
     Price: $19.95  See It