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Top Flatbed Scanners by Consumer Reviewers

Although most multifunction printers can already scan, there are times when a standalone flat bed scanner is still required, especially for scanning slides, book pages and documents as well as preserving important photos at a high optical resolution for the best quality. This type of scanner is ideal for both personal and office use. There are also flat bed scanners that can handle a high volume of documents with an included sheet feeder. Whether you need a flat bed scanner for a PC or a Mac, you have come to the right place. Here at IntelliReview, we have a proprietary system for selecting only the best products. This enables us to give you a look at the leading flat bed scanners for sale online. By removing all the noise, (products with lots of negative reviews) we end up with a list of the best flat bed scanners available. When you know you are only dealing with the best, you can concentrate on features like resolution and features, for example. Whether you need 16 bit grayscale or 48 bit color capabilities, we have the scanners you want to have on your short list.

  1. For users who want to create a paperless work environment, flatbed scanners can easily convert and digitize your documents.
  2. Professionals who need to scan high-quality photos should look for a flatbed scanner with a high optical resolution.
  3. If a lot of documents need to be scanned, it's best to find models with automatic document feeders, which can automate the scanning process.
  4. If space is an issue, you may want to consider a handheld scanner or an all-in one printer, instead of buying separate units, as they often have built-in scanners.
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