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Top 10 HP Printers by Consumer Reviewers

Given the multitude of printers available in the market today, deciding which one to get can be confusing. There are a lot of models and types to choose from. While multifunction printers are often needed for the usual office setting, depending on the volume of documents you are printing, a laser or an inkjet can also be a good idea. In addition to print quality, the size of the unit, the available connection options and how fast it can print are among the things you should be concerned with. The last thing you want to do is to read countless reviews on your own, trying to figure out which type of printer is going to be best for you. Here at IntelliReview, we devised a list of the best HP printers for sale online. Our array of products are ranked using the reviews of passionate consumers. By shopping here, you know you are only dealing with the top printers from HP. This allows you to concentrate on other essential factors like how many pages it prints per minute and the quality and resolution of the prints. Whether you only need a black and white printer or you want a color laser printer from HP, we are the place to shop. We offer a look at the best HP printers for sale. From laser to inkjet to wireless and multi-function HP printers, we have something for everyone.

Ranking Updated: August 2016
  1. For printouts that are mostly text with the rare picture thrown in, you can go for either monochrome or color laser printers. If you will be printing significant amounts of images alongside text, however, inkjet printers, whether ordinary or specialized photo printers, are a better and more affordable option.
  2. Photo printers have dedicated features like PictBridge or memory card slots that allow direct printing from image source to printer, as well as additional ink tanks that can reproduce color range better than ordinary printers do.
  3. Laser printers are much faster and they print text with more definition than inkjet printers, since they use a dry toner instead of liquid ink. However, replacement toners, especially original ones, are quite expensive.
  4. Consider a multifunction inkjet printer if you have a small office and want to cut down on equipment purchases.