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Whether you want to silently boogie down to disco tracks, listen to a movie you're watching on your computer or just want to have better sound for a video game, good headphones are a necessity. Several types of headphones are available today, starting from full-sized headphones which are great in blocking external noise, supra-aural which are more lightweight but less effective when it comes to noise isolation, and lastly in-ear headphones which are smaller and more popular these days. Here at IntelliReview, we understand that aside from sound quality, you also need to take into account other essential factors like comfort, durability and cord length in order to make the most out of your audio experience. With that said, we formulate our list of the best headphones by collecting reviews and ranking products based on the amount of positive and negative reviews. This method is very reliable and effective considering that people only write reviews when they are really happy or really upset with a certain product. It also ensures that only the best models make it to the top our list. Browse below to find our easy to read and useful headphone reviews.

Ranking Updated: June 2014
  1. Earbud headphones are perfect for people who prefer a simple listening experience without the trouble of putting on full-sized earphones. Some earbud models are worn inside the ear canal, and through the silicone or foam tips, provide excellent noise cancellation.
  2. Lightweight headphones have larger sound drivers, and thus, are capable of producing louder and more defined output than earbuds. These models use pads that rest on top of the ears instead of going inside your ear canal, which may be more comfortable for some people.
  3. Full-sized or circumaural headphones offer the best sound quality but may be hard to wear, as the increased padding does lead to warm ears.
  4. For more control, choose models with controls built into the cord to allow you to adjust the volume or skip tracks without having to touch the device.
  • Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones (Over-Ear, 102 dB, 10 oz)

    Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones (Over-Ear, 102 dB, 10 oz)

    2067 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Most popular
     Price: $99.95  See It

    Pros: Crisp and clear sound, Durable
    Cons: Bulky, Expensive, Weak bass

    Review: While it is intended for studio monitoring, Sennheiser's HD280 is also great for listening to music and playing games. Its overall sound quality is excellent and its noise isolation feature is phenomenal. On the other hand, its bass can be a little weak but its low impedance and flat frequency response make up for it. Compared to other headphones, the HD280 may seem heavier and a little bulky but its foldable design makes it easily collapsible and allows you to take them anywhere you go. It also features an adjustable headband for a more personalized fit and soft ear pads and rotating cups which provide exceptional listening comfort. On the surface, its closed-back design might seem like a pain due to the fact that it makes it a bit tight but then, its ability to reduce external noise by 32 dB even without pumping up the volume makes it bearable. Plus, its main parts including its cord and ear pads are easily replaceable so you won't ever need to buy another pair. Sennheiser's HD280 is widely compatible with most portable mp3 and media players. In the box, you'll also find a 1/8-inch plug with locking 1/4-inch adapter. Overall, it may be quite expensive but its outstanding quality and superb clarity make it one of the best headphones around.

  • Koss KSC21 Ear Clip Headphones (Stereo - Mini-phone - Wired - 36 Ohm - 50 Hz 18 kHz - Over-the-ear - Binaural - Supra-aural - 4 ft Cable)
  • Sennheiser RS 110 Wireless Headphone (Gray, Black)

    Sennheiser RS 110 Wireless Headphone (Gray, Black)

    903 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Most popular
    PeachBudz Online  Price: $79.99  See It

    Pros: Wireless, Lightweight, Excellent reception
    Cons: Doesn't include rechargeable batteries, Loose fit

    Review: Wireless connectivity and wide compatibility makes the Sennheiser RS 110 a good replacement to your corded headset. With its excellent range of up to 100 meters, you can walk through doors and move around the house without losing signal. Plus, it lets you accomplish daily tasks while listening to your favorite playlist and enables you to skip the hassle of figuring out how to hide unsightly wires. These headphones are lightweight and comfortable. It boasts of a supraaural design which offers excellent sound reproduction and onboard controls which allow you to adjust the sound to your liking and quickly turn it off or on. Installation is a snap to do and sound quality is crisp and clear. Its bass is honestly not heart-thumping but has proven to be sufficient for casual listening. Its ear pads are also replaceable, making it long-lasting. In terms of battery life, the supplied AAA batteries may last for several uses but you may need to shell out a little bit and buy rechargeable ones if you plan on using the headphone every day. Sennheiser's RS 110 is very versatile. It is compatible with PC and Mac systems and is suitable for use with a variety of A/V equipment including TVs, DVD and Blu-Ray Players and portable mp3 players. Its fit may be a little loose but it serves its purpose really well and most importantly, it provides a cheap way to enjoy wireless freedom.

  • Koss KTXPRO1 Stereo Headphone (Wired Connectivity - Stereo - Over-the-head)

    Koss KTXPRO1 Stereo Headphone (Wired Connectivity - Stereo - Over-the-head)

    754 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Very popular  Price: $15.08  See It  Price: $19.44  See It
  • JVC HA-RX700 Stereo Headphone (Wired Connectivity - Stereo - Over-the-head)
  • Shure SE215 Noise Isolating Headphones - Clear (Ear Buds, 107 dB)

    Shure SE215 Noise Isolating Headphones - Clear (Ear Buds, 107 dB)

    709 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Most popular
     Price: $99.99  See It
    PeachBudz Online  Price: $99.99  See It

    Pros: Very good noise isolation, Superb sound quality, Replaceable cable, Solid bass, Includes an earwax cleaning tool and three sizes (S, M, L) of the flex and black foam sleeves
    Cons: Over-the-ear style, Long cable

    Review: The Shure SE215 has the same clear or translucent black housing you'd come to expect from Shure earphones, embellished with the usual Shure logo and model number, which in this case, is SE215. Also, it gives auditory bliss through its Dynamic MicroDriver, just like any other Shure earbuds. Perhaps, one of its step-up features over standard earphones is its 64-inch replaceable cable with wireform fit. Although it is too long for some, the cord is of higher quality, made of thick rubber, and it makes the earbuds longer lasting and less prone to breaking compared to those with non-removable cables. You can even replace it with matching clear or black cables or with Earphone Accessory Cables which go well with your Apple devices and selected phones and allow the SE215 to turn into a mobile headset with its own built-in mic and volume control. We admit, the over-the-ear style doesn't provide the best comfort as it is slightly difficult to put correctly. If you're not terribly concerned with the fit though, it is worth the try. The formable wire makes sure that it’s out of the way until you need it and the earbuds are comfortable to wear when you are in bed and trying to sleep. The Gold plated MMCX Connector even permits 360-degree rotation. The Shure SE215 not only seeks to provide the best fit with its included Fit Kit, which gives you the freedom to choose from three sizes (S, M, L) of the flex and black foam sleeves, it effectively reduces noise up to 37 dB for truly personal listening. Available at a remarkable price, the sound quality of the SE215 comes as a surprise for many users, with enveloping sound and ample bass. Extra accessories like an earwax cleaning tool for easy cleaning and a compact carrying case for neat storage also come with the package.

  • JVC HA-RX300 Full Size Headphone (Black)

    JVC HA-RX300 Full Size Headphone (Black)

    695 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Most popular  Price: $14.91  See It
     Price: $14.99  See It  Price: $22.28  See It
  • Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X Audiophile Open-air Headphones (Stereo - Black - Mini-phone - Wired - 38 Ohm - 5 Hz 30 kHz - Gold Plated - Over-the-head - Binaural - Circumaural - 9.84 ft Cable)
  • Sennheiser RS 180 Headphone (Stereo - Wireless - RF - 328.1 ft - 32 Ohm - 18 Hz 21 kHz - Over-the-head - Binaural - Ear-cup)
  • JVC HA-S160 FLATS Headphone (Stereo - Black - Wired - 32 Ohm - 12 Hz 24 kHz - Gold Plated - Over-the-head - Binaural - Semi-open - 3.93 ft Cable)