Top Home Theater Receivers by Consumer Reviewers

It does not matter if you want a basic home theater receiver or you want to go all out and have a truly impressive home theater set-up with all the bells and whistles, such as 3D technology or computer network connections. Here at IntelliReview, you can shop smarter. We do the hard work by compiling the best home theater systems on various websites around the Internet. We evaluate numerous reviews and rank the product based on the number of positive and negative reviews. Using this power of the social web, we are able to give you a genuine list of the products that are highly regarded by consumers. You will want to know how much power you want for your speakers, the number of devices that you want to connect to it as well as the size of the display, the exact dimensions of the unit and other features you may want such as Internet Radio and iPod/iPhone compatibility. But more than that, let us provide a great selection of the leading home theater receivers. If you are ready for a new home theater experience, start browsing below to see what we recommend.

  1. A good home theater receiver doesn't only power your speaker system, it performs decoding and processing of specialized audio codecs so you get cinema-quality surround sound.
  2. Get a receiver that supports Full HD and video upsampling as well as 3D pass-through to make the most out of your home theater system.
  3. Some receivers can play music stored on media players using a separate accessory.
  4. Consider models that have a lot of connection ports for more device options.
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