Top Microwave Ovens by Consumer Reviewers

Microwave ovens are truly one of the most convenient inventions of the 20th century when it comes to kitchen and cooking. No wonder they have become a standard kitchen appliance in every home. Today, there are quite a few options available on various websites. From different sizes to different looks and styles to features that provide easier and nearly effortless operation, there are many aspects that you should consider about your new microwave oven. In addition to reheating, thawing and cooking, you might also want one that can grill and bake. Here at IntelliReview, we take the guesswork out of choosing the perfect microwave oven for your home. We offer you a list of the best models by compiling reviews from multiple websites and ranking products based on the amount of positive and negative reviews. (That's right - WE do the hard work for YOU.) By shopping with us, you can save hours of time researching the top products. From the conventional white or black models to the stainless steel ovens which are more appealing, we are sure you'll find what you've been looking for from the product listing below. Let IntelliReview help you pick the right microwave no matter your needs.

Ranking Updated: June 2014
  1. There are two types of microwave ovens available in the market: The conventional type and the newer convection type microwaves that include a heating element and a fan that circulates the hot air inside the cooking section.
  2. Convection microwaves offer the ability to brown, crisp and even bake food.
  3. Full-sized microwave ovens can deliver a maximum of about 1600 watts of power, which can easily cook food but can also consume a lot of energy.
  4. An important thing to look for when buying microwaves is if it has safety features like interlocks, automatic shutoffs and child lockouts.
  • Panasonic NN-H765WF White Countertop Microwave (1.6 Cu. Ft., Sensor Cook)

    Pros: Great at defrosting and reheating aside from cooking, Large interior depth
    Cons: RF Output from the unit causes connection issues with certain wireless routers, Interior height measurements are a little small

    Review: If you're tired of using your microwave to defrost food or simply warming food over and ending up with a thawed outside but a frozen core or scorched edges, then a good alternative would be the Panasonic NN765WF Microwave. Working with a steady pulsing output at a reduced power level instead of short blasts at full power, this particular model is very efficient at preparing food that is iced-over for cooking or even the traditionally messy softening of butter. This innovative system is all because of Panasonic's Inverter technology that creates a finely-tuned cooking system which intelligently controls the energy output of the unit. This, in turn, prevents overcooked food edges and surfaces. In addition, the unit has 10 adjustable power levels for even greater control, as well as several preset cooking modes to choose from including one that picks from different types of foods and cooks or heats them accordingly. Some users have reported that using this countertop appliance in the vicinity of certain wireless routers have resulted in partial network trouble, which may be due to the product's RF output while in operation acting as interference to the router's own. A workaround may be to change the router's channel assignment and to move it to another position some distance away from the microwave. At 1.6 cubic feet, this is one of the larger Panasonic microwave oven models. The 765WF's turntable measures about 15 inches and is spacious enough inside to fit a full size microwave tray. This extra space comes at a price though, as the exterior size of the unit takes up a considerable amount of space. Likewise, the interior height is a little lacking; pegged at nine inches, this makes fitting tall items difficult. The display is adequately bright and the digits do not change in appearance when viewed from steep angles. The multi-lingual menu and the timer on the control panel at the front of the unit also add to its intelligent and user- friendly design. Finally, a simple yet elegant coating covers the microwave and matches most kitchen decor.

  • Panasonic NNH965WF Countertop Microwave (2.2 Cu. Ft., White)

    Pros: Easy to operate, Large capacity, Great cooking options and defrost function, Low price
    Cons: Takes up a lot of space, Closing the door can be loud, Quick Minute function requires two presses

    Review: The 2.2 cu. ft. Panasonic NNH965WF is recommended for those who value function over form. Its exterior may not be as appealing as other modern-looking microwave ovens but it does all the cooking functions fairly well and unlike the stainless steel ones, the white finish also makes it easy to wipe clean and with less fingerprint smudges. The Panasonic Inverter Technology cooks food quickly and makes sure that the cooking temperature remains even, and a 16-1/2" rotating turntable is placed at the heart of the unit. It also earns extra points in terms of ease of use as the Genius Sensor takes the guesswork out of cooking. All the controls of the Panasonic NNH965WF are organized in a simple-to-use digital interface. A Multi-Lingual Menu Action Screen is even there to assist you in case you're having a problem with the cooking functions. Information is displayed in English, Spanish or French.Despite the budget price, this 1250-watt microwave also has above-average capabilities. It pops popcorn perfectly and has an excellent Keep Warm and Simmer Features. With that said, you won't need to reheat your food, you can be sure that they remain warm and delightful to eat. Turbo Defrost function is great too. Unlike other similarly-priced microwave ovens, it cuts the thawing process into half and it actually defrosts the food thus, preventing it from being overcooked. A Quick Minute Button is also present. However, you need to press the quick minute button along with the start button to get hold of this feature. It would've been better if it could immediately start with just one press, rather than two. The push-button door can also be loud when being closed and although the unit is perfect for countertop placement, due to its large size, you might need to free up some space in your countertop for this microwave to fit. Nevertheless, the Panasonic NNH965WF is a good family size microwave with a price that can't be beat.

  • Panasonic NN-SN651B Black Countertop Microwave w/Inverter Technology (1.2 Cu Ft, 1200 Watts)
  • Prestige Trading Cards Family Size 1.2 Cu. Ft. Genius Prestige Countertop/Built-in Microwave Oven with Inverter Technology  
  • Panasonic NEW! Compact Size 0.8 cu. ft. Microwave Oven with Inverter Technology, Stainless

    Panasonic NEW! Compact Size 0.8 cu. ft. Microwave Oven with Inverter Technology, Stainless

    252 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Most popular
     Price: $132.35  See It
    QVC  Price: $160.61  See It
  • Sharp R930CS Sharp 1.5 cu.ft. 900w Convection Specialty Microwave Oven

    Pros: Easy to clean, User-friendly, Advanced features
    Cons: Large, Heavy

    Review: For its great combination of pre-programmed settings, Sharp's R930CS is an excellent all-around microwave oven. It not only lets you heat food, boil water and defrost frozen meat, it also features a 4-Way Convection System which allows it to handle most cooking tasks including baking, crisping, broiling and browning. With its CompuRoast, CompuBroil, and CompuBake operating modes, you'll get great cooking results all the time. In terms of construction, it is housed in stainless steel which makes it attractive and a lot easier to clean than most ovens. This 900-watt countertop appliance has a 15 3/8-inch turntable that offers even heating, with the tray large enough to accommodate different types and large quantities of food at the same time.. The R930Cs eliminates guesswork because it is embedded with a Smart & Easy Sensor that automatically calculates and sets the right time and power level. Other benefits include high and low racks, a KeepWarm function, a Minute Timer and a Safety Lock that prevents household accidents. The Sharp R930CS is a great step-up from your average microwave/convection oven. It may be heavy and large but its outstanding features and usability make it worthy of its space on your kitchen counter.

  • Sharp R820JS Sharp 0.9 cu.ft. 900w Convection Grill Specialty Microwave Oven

    Sharp R820JS Sharp 0.9 cu.ft. 900w Convection Grill Specialty Microwave Oven

    196 Reviews

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     Price: $289.00  See It
    Designer Appliances  Price: $253.49  See It

    Pros: Versatile, Easy to use, Elegant design
    Cons: Could use a larger capacity, Turntable tends to wobble

    Review: The 900-watt Sharp R820JS Microwave makes a great addition to any cook's kitchen. It can handle various cooking tasks including baking, roasting and grilling and features a 12-3/4Carousel turntable that can accommodate a good amount of food. Its 12-Digit Interactive Display combined with its 35 cooking options offer foolproof cooking while its compact design and silver exterior adds elegance to your counter. With its 11 power levels, you can cook anything from pizza and popcorn to chicken and steaks. This multi-purpose microwave sports a stainless steel interior which provides added durability and easy clean-up. It also has a clock, a minute timer, popcorn key, timed reheat for easy reheating, AutoDefrost for thawing meat and casseroles quickly and a Keep Warm function which ensures that your food stays fresh and hot until you're ready to eat. However, there are two things that need improvement. First, it could use a larger capacity for cooking large batches of food and second, its turntable could be redesigned to help keep its balance and prevent it from wobbling. Even with the flaws, the R820JS by Sharp still makes cooking simple and convenient. It is loaded with a great set of features and it offers professional cooking results in an attractive and versatile package.

  • Whirlpool WMC20005YW Whirlpool 0.5 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave with Add 30 Seconds Option
  • Whirlpool WMC20005YD Whirlpool 0.5 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave with Add 30 Seconds Option

    Whirlpool WMC20005YD Whirlpool 0.5 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave with Add 30 Seconds Option

    82 Reviews

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     Price: $125.10  See It
     Price: $128.00  See It
  • Whirlpool WMC20005YB Whirlpool 0.5 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave with Add 30 Seconds Option