Top Microwave Ovens by Consumer Reviewers

Microwave ovens are truly one of the most convenient inventions of the 20th century when it comes to kitchen and cooking. No wonder they have become a standard kitchen appliance in every home. Today, there are quite a few options available on various websites. From different sizes to different looks and styles to features that provide easier and nearly effortless operation, there are many aspects that you should consider about your new microwave oven. In addition to reheating, thawing and cooking, you might also want one that can grill and bake. Here at IntelliReview, we take the guesswork out of choosing the perfect microwave oven for your home. We offer you a list of the best models by compiling reviews from multiple websites and ranking products based on the amount of positive and negative reviews. (That's right - WE do the hard work for YOU.) By shopping with us, you can save hours of time researching the top products. From the conventional white or black models to the stainless steel ovens which are more appealing, we are sure you'll find what you've been looking for from the product listing below. Let IntelliReview help you pick the right microwave no matter your needs.

  1. There are two types of microwave ovens available in the market: The conventional type and the newer convection type microwaves that include a heating element and a fan that circulates the hot air inside the cooking section.
  2. Convection microwaves offer the ability to brown, crisp and even bake food.
  3. Full-sized microwave ovens can deliver a maximum of about 1600 watts of power, which can easily cook food but can also consume a lot of energy.
  4. An important thing to look for when buying microwaves is if it has safety features like interlocks, automatic shutoffs and child lockouts.
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