Top Surge Protectors by Consumer Reviewers

Having a surge protector is important, especially for those who have the newest gadgets and other electronic equipment. It is the type of device that you want to have on hand before you even need it because without a surge protector, the risk of damage to your devices in the event of power surges is pretty high. In addition to your equipment, some models are even capable of protecting your phone line and Ethernet connection. Here at IntelliReview, we can help you find the right surge protector for your system at home or in the office. From the number of power outlets to the quality of the surge suppressor, there is a lot you need to know before you buy one. The unique ranking system at IntelliReview can make this easier for you. By going through numerous reviews across the web and calculating the ranking of each product based on the total number of positive and negative reviews, we are able to organize a definitive list of the top surge protectors that you should be looking at. Even if you want a surge protector with a filter for line noise, we have you covered. At IntelliReview, we have all kinds of surge protectors, large and small, to help keep you safe the next time the rain and lightning fall.

Ranking Updated: June 2014
  1. The terms surge protector and surge suppressor are interchangeable. They are the same thing.
  2. Pick surge protectors with a higher surge energy rating in joules (J) for more projection, especially for expensive equipment.
  3. Line conditioning is another useful feature to look for when buying surge protectors, as electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference can likewise affect your electronics negatively.
  4. For protection against surge spikes as well as black outs and brown outs, look for a UPS surge protector in our UPS battery backup section.
  • Belkin SurgePro BV106050-CW 6-Outlets Surge Suppressor (6, USB - 900 J - 5 V DC Output)
  • Belkin SurgeMaster 12-Outlets Surge Suppressor (12 x AC Power - 4320 J - Phone, Coaxial Cable Line)

    Belkin SurgeMaster 12-Outlets Surge Suppressor (12 x AC Power - 4320 J - Phone, Coaxial Cable Line)

    1678 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Most popular
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    Pros: Reasonable price, 12 outlets, 8 outlets with pivot heads, Connected Equipment Warranty
    Cons: Bulky, tight space at center outlets

    Review: The Belkin Pivot-Plug Surge Protector provides surge protection for your devices and systems. Its circuitry and components provides complete protection from harmful power surges and spikes. With its 12 outlets, you can protect more than one system from sudden power surges. The surge protector features 12 outlets eight of which have pivot heads for greater flexibility. With these pivot heads, there is extra room for those large block adapters and greater flexibility in placing your plugged-in equipment. The rotating outlet design definitely makes the placement of your devices more convenient. The central stationary outlets might seem tight but a firm push of the plug should do the trick. The surge protector also comes with a detachable cord-management clip to keep your cords neat and organized. It also comes with an 8 ft. long cord and includes 1-in, 2-out RJ11 telephone/fax surge protection and coaxial protection. It has indicator lights that show its protection and grounding status.

  • Belkin 8-Outlet Surge Suppressor (Receptacles: 8 - 1800J)

    Pros: Rotating outlets, Has indicator lights and a power switch, Space-saving design, Excellent product and connected equipment warranty
    Cons: Pricey, No rubber feet

    Review: The problem with most surge protectors is that they have a lot of outlets but the functionality of these outlets is wasted due to narrow spacing. With the Belkin 8-outlet Pivot Plug Surge Protector, however, it seems like Belkin has found a way to make all the outlets usable. The outlets swivel so that large and oddly-shaped adapters can be plugged in and out with ease. Its 1800 Joule energy rating gives your electronic devices the protection that they need, as opposed to low-quality surge protectors that can barely provide protection. The Belkin 8-outlet surge protector is ideal for any home theater system, protecting your expensive TV, game consoles, Blu-Ray player, A/V receiver, speakers, wireless router and many more simultaneously, or for your office or entertainment center, making sure that your computers, laptops, printers and even your fax or telephone are never in danger. Indicator lights notify you when the unit is grounded and protected and there’s a lighted power switch for turning it on and off. Having a lifetime product warranty and a $150,000 Connected Equipment Warranty, the Belkin 8-outlet surge protector has one of the best warranties for this kind of product. This, along with the great concept of having pivoting plugs, makes its price tag reasonable. The design of the power strip is another huge advantage for those who care about how tidy their workstation or entertainment center looks. It plugs into one wall outlet and has a built-in screw that lets users secure the power strip. The surge protector has a long 6’ cord that can be managed through the cord clip. Aesthetically-speaking, it also looks a tad nicer than standard black boxes, but what we’d like to see are rubber feet to prevent it from slipping, especially on rooms with tiled floors.

  • Belkin Home/Office 6-Outlets Surge Suppressor (Receptacles: 6 - 555J)
  • Tripp Lite Protec It TLP606 6 Outlets Surge Suppressor (Receptacles: 6 x NEMA 5-15R - 750J)
  • Belkin SurgeMaster Home/Office 7-Outlets Surge Suppressor (7 - 1.88 kVA - 2320 J - 125 V AC Input - 125 V AC Output - Fax/Modem/Phone)

    Pros: 2160-joule protection, EMI/RFI interference elimination, Solid safety feature set, Lifetime manufacturer's warranty with extended connected device insurance
    Cons: Limited cord flexibility due to heavy wrapping

    Review: Shield your precious and expensive electronic equipment like computers, game consoles and audio/video equipment from the threat of power surge damage by using a quality suppressor like the Belkin 7-Outlet Surge Protector. This professional-quality power strip, aside from providing more sockets for your devices, protects them from energy spikes that can reduce their working life or, as a worst-case scenario, end it totally. Rated at a protection level of 2160 Joules, its 7 outlets all come with 3-line AC overload protection from the danger of surges, spikes and sags that are increasingly becoming a common occurrence as the demand for power increases. It also conditions and improves the quality of the electricity that it supplies to your electronics, cutting out the electromagnetic and radio frequency interference that can likewise render electronics worthless. For your communications equipment like telephones and fax machines, this is a great help, especially since the Belkin Surge Protector has a 1-in/2-out RJ11 port dedicated for them. Safety seems to be another one of the offerings with the Belkin 7-Outlet. For example, the power cord on this unit extends to a length of 12 feet, wrapped in 14-gauge insulation for extra safety, and terminates in a right-angle style plug that lies flush against wall outlets. A detachable cable clip keeps the length down to a manageable level for safekeeping, and a master switch, located at the end of the cord, is recessed to keep it from being tripped by an errant foot. A pair of indicator lights show if the wall outlet this surge suppressor is plugged into is safely grounded or not, and the sockets themselves have pop-out covers that are a great help in preventing small objects from getting inside. Finally, even though the form factor of the Belkin power strip is a bit small at 15" long by 6" wide by 2.5" high, it supplies enough elbow room even for fat, brick-type plugs. Belkin believes in the capability of their power strip so much that they have included a $100,000 connected equipment warranty, aside from a solid lifetime warranty, all accessible after registering the product online. As such, the Belkin 7-Outlet Surge Protector comes off as a very wise choice for securing electronic devices from harmful power fluctuations. One only needs to consider the limited flexibility of the cord because of the solid 14-gauge shielding, but that, in itself, is a minor issue as it adds to the overall safety rating of the product.

  • General Electric Six Outlets Power Strip (6)

    General Electric Six Outlets Power Strip (6)

    209 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Very popular
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  • Belkin 3-Outlets Surge Suppressor with USB Charging (Receptacles: 3 x AC Power, 2 x USB - 918J)

    Pros: 2-port USB power, convenient,
    Cons: Bulky, cramped spacing of outlets

    Review: The Belkin Mini Surge Protector with USB Charging is a small surge protector that keeps your gadgets protected from power surges while on the go. It has a compact and lightweight design making it easy to carry anywhere you go. This surge suppressor by Belkin features 3 outlets and 2 USB ports for the charging of your portable electronic devices while you're on travel. With a total of 5 outlets, you will not run out of outlets for charging your cell phone battery, PDA, MP3 and other gadgets at the same time specially when you're in places where there are not enough outlets to charge all your portable gadgets simultaneously. The mini surge protector features a 360 rotating plug with four locking positions and a mini-USB cable for charging USB gadgets. It cannot accommodate those block type plugs side by side though, since the spacing of the outlets is designed for normal plugs. The protector is also bulky and not that compact as you would have thought it would be. But for a device that has three outlets and two USB ports for charging electronic devices, it is expected to be a bit bulky. For those who are always on the go, the Belkin Mini Surge Protector with USB Charging is a good travel accessory.

  • APC SurgeArrest Performance 11-Outlets Surge Suppressor (Receptacles: 11 x NEMA 5-15R - 2030J)

    Pros: Lots of outlets, Solidly built, Well laid-out, Affordable
    Cons: No wall-mounting template

    Review: If you own expensive equipment like a flagship television set, a high-end A/V receiver or a brand new gaming console or computer, you probably know how important it is to protect your gear from damage caused by power failures or natural causes like lightning or thunderstorms. The 11-outlet APC Performance SurgeArrest does more than just that. Aside from having plenty of outlets to plug your equipment into, it is also capable of protecting your Ethernet, Coaxial and Phone lines from power surges. Spaced nicely apart and well laid-out, your other outlets won't go to waste like in other poorly designed surge protectors. It will all remain usable even when large, wide plugs or even transformers are connected. There are also two always on outlets which are ideal for machines that need to be readily accessible at a moment's notice. The APC SurgeArrest Performance surge protector has a Surge energy rating of 2030 Joules. It also has an Overload Indicator which warns you when the unit reaches its maximum capacity and you need to unplug other equipment as well as LED indicators that allow you to monitor the status of your devices with just a single glance. The Site wiring fault indicator alerts you of wiring problems while the Protection Working Indicator lets you know when your unit is severely damaged and need to be replaced. A 180-degree rotating cord and Right Angle Plug permit easy wire management with this surge protector, and the Plug Activated Safety Shutters provide utmost safety for users. With its Fail Safe Mode, you can be rest assured that your equipment is disconnected quickly and properly once the unit has been compromised. On a minor note, there is no wall-mounting template for keeping it fixed and in place. This is a minor inconvenience, though, considering the level of protection and the great amount of features that comes with the product. Priced lower than other models, the SurgeArrest is an excellent alternative. APC is a well known brand in this field and this product is no exception, as it offers the same dependable protection against surges. Bottom line, if you value your devices and you want to protect your investment, APC's 11-outlet surge protector is definitely a must-have.

  • Belkin 1-Socket Wall Mount Surge Suppressor (Receptacles: 1 x NEMA 5-15R - 885J)