Top Treadmills by Consumer Reviewers

Treadmills are a good solution in times when you don't want to hit the gym or when you can't run outside because the weather isn't good. If you want a treadmill that is easy to fold and store or one that has a lot of advanced features and built-in programs, checking the listings at IntelliReview is a great place to begin your search. We formulate our list of the top treadmills by looking at various websites and compiling only the best of the best. Unlike other review websites, we pay attention to both positive and negative reviews. We call this rating consumer passion. In addition, we also provide valuable information regarding each model. When you look below, you are going to find treadmills that are easy to fold up and store as well as larger ones meant for a dedicated workout space. Whatever you need, IntelliReview ensures that you are only dealing with top notch products. Our proprietary system is unlike anything you have seen before. It allows us to create intelligent lists of the most popular items in many different product categories, including exercise equipment and treadmills. If you are ready for a treadmill that is durable and at the same time, easy to set up, browse our product listing below.

  1. Treadmills may either be automatic (motor-driven) or manual. Motor driven treadmills can drive the belt faster and at higher inclines for a more challenging workout than a manual can, but noise can also be a factor with them.
  2. Consider treadmills with belt sizes 20 inches and above in width and 55-58 inches in length for all-purpose use.
  3. Impact absorption is also a key consideration, since too little will have you ending up with very sore legs and knees. Some models have elastometers while others have springs inside the chassis.
  4. Pre-programmed routines in your treadmill will help you maximize your workout.
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