Top Wireless Routers by Consumer Reviewers

Given the endless variety of routers out there, understanding each type and picking the best one can be tricky. If you are in need of a wireless router for your home, office or even your home office, browsing our list here at IntelliReview is a great way to begin. At the minimum, buy a wireless N router as your next computer, laptop or other devices like smartphones and tablets will most likely support the latest standard 802.11n. Consider buying a dual band model for even faster speed, range, and reliability. You might also want to take a serious look at the security features that each model offers, especially if you don't want your neighbors or intruders gaining access to your own network. Our unique and powerful system leverages the power of the social web by analyzing reviews of wireless routers from multiple websites. Using this information, we are able to rank the products according to the amount of positive and negative reviews given by consumers and compile a definitive list of the very best wireless routers. We call this rating consumer passion. At IntelliReview, we negate the need to waste time reading hundreds and thousands of reviews on your own.

Ranking Updated: September 2015
  1. Consider wireless routers that are compatible with 802.11n if the equipment that you want to connect supports this standard. Not only does the N standard help keep your network secure, it is also capable of transmission speeds of about 300 Mbps and enhanced range and connectivity.
  2. On the other hand, if you have legacy equipment, choose wireless routers that have backwards compatibility with the earlier 802.11g standard aside from the N standard.
  3. Although a common feature among network equipment, it's a good thing to check if your preferred wireless router has data security protocols that you can use.
  4. Some wireless routers can also function as printer servers if your printer supports that technology.